Hazelnut Chocolate


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  • Luxurious chocolate with a generous dose of roasted hazelnuts.
  • Handmade to perfection, combining the finest cocoa and nutty goodness.
  • Experience the crunch of hazelnuts and the smoothness of chocolate in every bite.
  • An artisanal chocolate that offers a delightful play of textures and flavors.
  • A combination of rich & creamy taste of chocolate with nutty flavor of Hazelnuts. Make you fall in love for its delicious & indulgent taste. Real Hazelnut satiate your craving for a nutty twist.

40gm, 60gm, 90gm

  1. Ajay

    Ah the flavor Hazelnut is just so enchanting. This chocolate always manages to take to me to a whole new world. I love chocolates and especially Hazelnut is my favorite.

  2. Sahil

    Mere liye to ye chocolate best hai. Hazelnut chocolate mujhe vese bhi bohot pasand hai and Honneybees ki Hazelnut to mera dil jeet chuki hai.

  3. Sourabh

    The decent and elegant flavor and essence of this hazelnut chocolates make you feel like you’re eating a premium chocolate. I flaunt my choice in chocolates to my friends all the time.

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